The purpose of Marriage

Commitment to creating an intimate marriage will facilitate mutual self-discovery and a life of meaningful fulfillment. by Rabbi Aryeh Pamensky We all know that marriage is difficult. Almost 50 percent of married couples in North America get divorced, which means

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John Gray – Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus | Review and summary |By Tom Butler-Bowdon

A woman aims to improve a man, but a man just wants acceptance. Her unsolicited advice is never welcomed; it is interpreted as negative criticism. Rather than presenting a problem to a man, which is often taken to mean he

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A Chanukah Story

Rabbi Paysach Krohn, in his book, “Echoes of the Maggid,” p. 135, tells a beautiful inspirational story from Rabbi Shabsi Yudelevitz, z.t.l. (1924-96), one of the famous magiddim of Jerusalem. It’s entitled “Broken to a Point.” It’s about a poor

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When Hashem announced the plague of the ‘Death of the firstborns’ it says “he will not permit the destroyer to enter your house to strike you” the deepest question in the world is: who’s this destroyer? In the Haggadah we

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Givers and Takers – A Guest Post

To take is primal To give is one notch up To receive is the goal, the ultimate. By receiving we become “humble”, we “see others” we go “beyond ourselves”, we include, we “earn”, we “fulfill” a G-d given goal, we

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Happy Wife

When a man marries a new wife… he shall gladden his wife whom he has married. (24:5) During the first year of marriage man is exempt from being drafted into the army, because he is supposed to stay home to

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Just another reason to be thankful

From somewhere on the internet: In a United States convention of neurologists from all over the world, one of the main topics was the phenomenon of people fainting upon getting up from bed. One of the speakers was Professor Linda

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