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I received the following from my good friend Yagil. “‪A few reflections before the chag, last night I was in shul for Ma’ariv when the unfortunate news came of the passing of the boy from Beit Shemesh, that was the

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Do You Believe in miracles

Shabbos This is the story…(I heard it originally from someone that knows the people involved, personally. I have also been to the moshav & have personally met the people involved in this story)… A few years ago (in 2008) there

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Tzanzer coffee story from Reb Shlomo Carlebach.

Reb Shlomo Please read all the way to the bottom BEFORE clicking on the link. This was sent to me today (from shomayim) in response to the non-believers. Shlomo Carlebach Sanzer Coffee Story Ya gotta believe! Ch@imK™ Disclaimer: As always,

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