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A most difficult case

בס”ד עשיר ורש נפגשו עשה כלם ה’ – משלי כב:ב Harav Shimshon Dovid Pincus Z”L says, that the Torah tells us how Hashem cursed the snake for his indiscretion by providing him with food to eat via the dust of

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Uvacharta baChaim! – ובחרת בחיים

You can become a master of your life! A true ba’al bechira.. כי מוצאי מצא חיים, ויפק רצון מה’ – משלי ח:לה If you find yourself asking any of these questions: • How can I balance my life? • What’s

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Our small part in bridging the divides, healing the wounds.

An Asara b’Teves Message from Rabbi Shmuel Silber Rav Suburban Orthodox Congregation Toras Chaim (Baltimore)   Dear Friends,   Today the 10th of Teves is significant for a number of reasons. Historically, it represents the beginning of the siege on

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Your greatness and mission in life is being whispered into your ear.

The tzadikim taught that the Satan appears to each person in the form of a personal weakness. ‘You’re bad at this!’, he says, ‘just forget about it!’   ….. When this happens don’t be fooled! Your greatness and mission in

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