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Givers and Takers – A Guest Post

To take is primal To give is one notch up To receive is the goal, the ultimate. By receiving we become “humble”, we “see others” we go “beyond ourselves”, we include, we “earn”, we “fulfill” a G-d given goal, we

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Happy Wife

When a man marries a new wife… he shall gladden his wife whom he has married. (24:5) During the first year of marriage man is exempt from being drafted into the army, because he is supposed to stay home to

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Just another reason to be thankful

From somewhere on the internet: In a United States convention of neurologists from all over the world, one of the main topics was the phenomenon of people fainting upon getting up from bed. One of the speakers was Professor Linda

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Givers and Takers

Is giving really good, & taking truly bad? From the time that we are children we are being bombarded with statements regarding good and bad. We are constantly being reminded to be good. Often being asked if we are good. Just as often we

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A father’s promise

My dearest child, As I am finishing up the fast day, I sit and reflect on what our fast is all about. Why was our beautiful home in Yerushalayim destroyed? Why did the presence of Hashem leave us? What did

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The Torah (Melachim II, Chapter 4) tells us of a barren Shunamite woman who was promised a child by Elisha Hanavi. Indeed she had a child, but then the boy suddenly died. She sent people to find Elisha and upon

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בלק – דרור

וירא בלק וגו’. רבי אלעז<ר אמר ודאי מה (קפו) דאמר רבי חייא מלה סתימא הוה. אבל כתיב גם צפור מצאה בית ודרור קן לה וגו'. וכי דוד מלכא על צפרא בעלמא הוה אמר מלה דא. אלא כמה דתנינן כמה חביבין

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