Givers and Takers – A Guest Post

To take is primal

To give is one notch up

To receive is the goal, the ultimate.

By receiving we become “humble”, we “see others”

we go “beyond ourselves”, we include, we “earn”,

we “fulfill” a G-d given goal, we become higher and better, we are uplifting, we are solidifying our relationship with others, we empower others, we build, we are able to bring happiness to others, we become whole, we become “we”, we share, we enjoy the results once we allow it to become “our” results, the focus isn’t on me anymore but on “us”,

Is that why our t’fillois are written in loshoin rabim”

Is that way we don’t focus on “my” needs but “our needs” ?

We can keep on asking for more since asking now becomes a nurturing growing experience instead of bringing me down and making me “selfish, close minded and cheap”, the avoida of “receiving” is at the heart of our relationship with HaShem as we are being “mekabel” the Torah all the time as an act of “receiving” since we acknowledge that HaShem is giving and we are receiving thereby reinforcing our relationship with Him as now other nation can since they aren’t receiving only taking !!!!!!!

In t’filla we are asking, requesting as part of our connection to HaShem. T’filla isn’t about “me” but about “us”. My realization that HaShem is the mashpia, the source of everything in our lives we ask to include ourselves in His grace and power of never ending giving. We are at the receiving end and our inclusion with HaShem makes us whole.

May we be zoiche to never forget our role and never fall into the darkness of focusing on ourselves only !



“Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” – Oscar Wilde

ואמר ר”ל קשט עצמך ואחר כך קשט
אחרים – סנהדרין יט

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