When Hashem announced the plague of the ‘Death of the firstborns’ it says “he will not permit the destroyer to enter your house to strike you” the deepest question in the world is: who’s this destroyer? In the Haggadah we say, “I passed through Egypt – I did and not an angel, and I hit all the firstborns of Egypt- I did and not a angel”!

The Ishbitzer says: everyone has a personal destroyer, their own angel of death and that is all the mistakes that we did in the past. He also wants to eliminate us today.

You know friends, what stands in my our way when we want to advance? Our mistakes from yesterday. They don’t let us to advance. They Immobilize us.

The Baal Shem Tov said: Our biggest enslaver is our yesterday. They doesn’t let us move forward.

It is also like that between human beings. I remember a few years ago I married off a couple and after a year or two they came to talk to me. They didn’t get along, they spoke about divorce. I looked at them and saw that they actually love each other but he said, “you did so and so wrong” and she said, “you did so and so wrong”. You know what was the hardest thing for them? To start over again. To forget what happened yesterday.

Why do you sigh all the time on what happened in the past? Forget about it! They couldn’t.

You know, it is so sad. Sometimes people are ready to give up on all the “Tomorrows” because of one silly “Yesterday”.

You understand what means “he will not permit the destroyer to enter your house to strike you”? The master of the world promises us that all the mistakes that we made yesterday and two days ago doesn’t hold us back to get today the great holiness of Pesach.

The holiness of Pesach is that the master of the world doesn’t look at our past. He ignores our past. He skips our past and concentrates on the moment and fills us up with holiness.

On Pesach when Hashem takes us out to freedom, he also frees us from all the yesterdays. You remember this pasuk ׳בעצם היום הזה יצאו כל צבאות ה׳ מארץ מצרים׳ in the actual day.

Regarding the finale redemption the Gemara says that Rabbi Yehoshua Ben Levi went up to heaven and asked Moshiach: When are you coming? Moshiach answered him: ‘היום אם תשמעו בקולי׳ Today if you’ll listen to my voice. Rebbe Nachman says the deepest Torah in the world: Moshiach will come when we will stop talking about the yesterdays. When we will only talk about the today! (R’ Shlomo Carlebach)

Chaim Kompel


“Every saint has a past and every sinner has a future.” – Oscar Wilde

ואמר ר”ל קשט עצמך ואחר כך קשט
אחרים – סנהדרין יט

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